Do I need a permit for a fence?

Yes. A zoning permit is required in most cities. There is no cost for this permit. Contact your local Building Inspections Department.

Should I be concerned with deeds and codes relating to my fence or gate?

Yes. It is your responsibility to read your deed restrictions relating to your fence. Local building codes can restrict easements, fence heights, stain color preferences, and even material types.

FAQ Fencing Questions

FAQ – Fencing Questions

Should I notify my neighbors that the fence is being replaced?

Yes. Your neighbors will need to make arrangements if they have pets. They may also want to secure their backyard or remove items from their side of the fence.

Is it normal to have different shades of colored wood?

Yes. Wood is unique in nature and will turn varying shades of color or hues. This is normal and a standard variance.

How is a vinyl fence put together?

Most vinyl fencing is assembled by snapping the rails into the posts, using rails that are tabbed with special tabbing tools. Different fasteners may be used, depending on the styles of fence.

What is treated lumber?

Treated lumber has been used as fence materials for decades. CCA is a copper, chromate, and arsenic solution that is applied to certain lumbers—usually pine or fir—in a sealed vat, similar in theory to the pressure cooker used in your kitchen at home. The pressure forces the chemicals through the entire board, completely protecting it from fungus and termites.

I want an invisible fence, how old should my dog be?

It somewhat depends on the breed of dog, but most breeds should be at least six months old.

Can I use an invisible fence to train my dog from jumping over our wood fence?

Yes. Approx. 40% of people buying an invisible fence already have a physical wood, vinyl or metal fence in place.

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